Holidays on the beach are for many of us a synonym for a successful holiday. Even if you spend your vacation in a resort by the blue pool, many prefer to take a seat by the sea to feel the breeze on your face and the sand under your feet.

In this case, a trip to the beach, especially with the family, requires some preparation so that the hours spent in the hot sunlight pass under the sign of rest, comfort and safety. We tell you what to remember when planning your holiday by the sea.

Beachwear for the whole family

Every family member should have at least two swimsuits because they will be the ones where we will spend most of our time. The costumes get dirty the fastest, so it’s worth having at least one in alternation. They should protect the skin from sunlight but must be made of breathable, thin and best breathable materials to avoid overheating. Footwear should make it easier for children, in particular, to move around in the sand, so in their case, light sandals or flaps should be replaced with airy sneakers, and on the beach itself allow them to run barefoot. A necessary element of each wearer’s clothing is also a headgear, preferably a hat or a scarf. And don’t forget the sturdy sunglasses with radiation-protective glasses.

Beach holidays – Important accessories

You can’t imagine going to the beach without the right substrate to lie on the sand. A large towel can be used as a last resort, but with it in mind, it is also worth buying bamboo mats, which will provide additional cushioning and will not get dirty. A good alternative is a folding picnic blanket made of moisture-resistant plastic. Most of them can be easily folded into a comfortable, easy to carry ankle. Another useful elements are deckchairs or tourist chairs – it is best to choose those made of light plastic. Money or valuables such as a phone, tablet, camera or e-book reader should be kept on tight covers, so they will not be damaged by water or sand. The freshness and coolness of the food and beverages we take to the beach will be provided by a small tourist fridge.

Beach equipment – necessary and not necessarily necessary
It is not advisable to spend several hours on the beach in the full sun, which is why it is worth taking care of the fact that you can take refuge from it. It is a good idea to take an umbrella or beach tent with you.

Many people also take to the beach screens, which allow them to mark out “their own” zone on the sand with poles of colorful material. Before we decide to do that, it is worth taking into account that the thicket of screens on the beach makes it difficult to move around everything, and getting to the water turns into a maze hike. The category of beach equipment also includes various mattresses and toys purchased for the youngest children. In this case, it is not worth exaggerating – every item should only be a pretext for diversifying the family play.

Holidays on the beach – remember about cosmetics

On beach holidays, you need first of all a sun protection cream, necessarily with a high filter (at least 20 SPF), protecting against two types of radiation: UVA and UVB. Children should be protected with a cream with the highest filter, i.e. 50 SPF. The value of the filter is directly related to the time we can spend in the sun before the erythema occurs, so the higher the factor, the longer we can rest on the beach. Remember that for a sunbathing product to perform its function, it should be applied about 30 minutes before leaving the sun and re-applied after each departure from the sea, even if it is waterproof. It is also worth taking to the beach a kit with basic accessories (antiseptic, bandages, slices, scissors), as well as a burns agent. Spray thermal water is a good way to cool down, and an insecticidal preparation in the bag is also a good option, just in case.

This list will certainly facilitate beach preparations, but it is worth treating it selectively so that preparations for a few hours’ trips would not be the same as packaging for a big expedition. The right outfit, comfortable place to relax and cream with a filter is the absolute base of beach equipment and guarantee that your vacation on the beach will be successful.

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