New generations are changing the way business is done. It is true that Web 2.0 has made communication a much more fluid and comfortable task thanks to the possibility of interacting remotely. However, face-to-face communication remains a cornerstone of the way business is done. Particularly the Millennials (the generation born between 1981 and 1995) have shown themselves to be particularly willing to undertake business trips. A study published by the Chicago Tribune found that this generation will travel twice as much on business as the Baby Boomer generation (1946-1965 generation).

Before the Trip

Before going on a business trip you need to be clear about some aspects that can become problems. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Useful applications for business travelers
This is a short list of applications that could make a business trip a more pleasant and exciting experience.


Jambo, in the words of her creator, is a LinkedIn on the go. Many travelers end their day dining at a lonely table in the hotel restaurant. Few things are more depressing than the phrase “dinner for one” and the intention of this mobile application is to eradicate it, at least for business trips. It is a small network that communicates with travelers to gather them in restaurants or hotels. There is even the possibility of bringing people together by occupation or field of expertise.

Magic Stay

This web application wants to make life easier for those who travel to conferences and conventions all the time. In such cases, it is commonplace to find that the hotel offer is exhausted, which implies discomfort and bad times for the traveler. Magic Stay is a solid network of people willing to welcome business travelers in comfortable, safe and 100{05ab0da3f3a0578c40d8875be3f47105a010f1122c033a2d968c1745c4c004ee} equipped locations. It is a simple and creative solution to a common problem. One of the main advantages is that the application has corporate plans for large events.


Another common nuisance for business travelers, especially those who have to travel abroad, is currency exchange and high bank rates. Revolution is a good solution. Just download the application and the user will receive a MasterCard. The next step is to load this card with local money and it can be used around the world with more than 150 coins. This removes the discomfort of going to exchange houses and sticking to high rates.

Tips for a good trip

The Internet is full of hilarious stories of tourists or business travelers who had a hard time getting to know the customs of a place they were visiting. One of the most common is a visit to Japan. It is very likely that if a traveler visits this country he will end up being invited to eat at the home of a Japanese person. What many do not know is that around food there are a number of practices that must be respected. For example, always remove your shoes at the doorway. The codes at the table and the way you address your hosts, even the issues you discuss at the table, can be a problem.

The recommendation is simple. All you have to do is research to know the customs of each country to integrate well into its customs. But also have an open mind. You have to understand that these rules are not about hostility or bad manners. On the contrary, people are willing to share their deepest customs with visitors or partners and this should be reciprocal.

During the trip

Once the problems of accommodation, mobility, and interaction with the people of the country the traveler will be visiting have been solved, it is time to worry about the logistics of keeping everything on hand during business trips.

Some people feel very comfortable in airports. However, the vast majority of people try to end this experience as soon as possible. Although it is not always possible, the idea is to make the time as pleasant as possible. A blogger and computer engineer developed an interactive map that will make business travel more fun. These are the wifi keys to the world’s most important airports.

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